Two thousand year-old carpets for the twenty-first century

From the sands of the Middle East, Crayon Artel ushers in a new era of Persian carpets. Merging the timeless craft of Persian carpet-making with preeminent contemporary image makers; we create single-edition works of art for clients across the globe

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The journey to

crafting excellence


The Artist

We carefully select artists for their style and vision, forming a valued relationship from the ground up and ensuring that their vision is communicated clearly, accurately and in line with the artist and the Artel. We prioritise our relationship with the artist, the integrity of the artwork, and the communities with which we engage. The artist always obtains equity in the final carpet.


The Weavers

The artist's vision is brought to life, knot-by-knot, through the ancient craft of Persian carpet-making. Honouring this age-old craft, we adhere to the original dyeing (natural), knotting, and finishing techniques used to create the Pazyryk carpet (the oldest surviving carpet known to man). The colours of our wools and silks are created using natural dyes, and every one of our knots is hand-tied.



Once the knots have been tied, and the carpet has been trimmed and washed, our team begins our stringent quality control. We check the overall integrity of the craft, the aesthetic of the final product, and the strength of the knots. We then certify the carpet - authenticating the piece as both an original Persian carpet, and a legitimate Crayon Artel creation.



Finally - a member of the Crayon Artel team personally hand-delivers your Persian carpet to you, wherever you are in the world. Our team member will then present the carpet, break down the subtle intricacies of the piece, elaborate on the care advice, and answer any questions you may have about your exclusive work of art.

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